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We build quickly and ecologically.

Production team producing Polyblocks in the Namibian Factory

Who We Are

Polycare Namibia technology is designed to be as quick and sustainable as possible, continually improving our product to adapt to our changing world. Our aim is to build a better future for Namibia and its people, by continuing to build meaningful relationships with Architects, Engineers and Developers who are interested in revolutionizing the construction industry with us.

Who We Are

Our Values

Mission Statement

We empower people to build beautiful and sustainable spaces rapidly, while in harmony with the Namibian environment.

Spirit Level


Our walling system is designed with durability at its core, ensuring the longevity & quality of our Polyblocks.



We aim to provide our partners and clients with support during each phase, from training right through to construction.



We believe in empowering individuals with our easy-to-use system, allowing people to build for themselves.

House plant


Our well-designed system allows for superior protection from hot summers and cold winters, providing a comfortable space to live in year round.

Who We Are

Get to know our ambitious and reliable team


Keith Handura

General Manager


SJ Poggenpoel

Factory Manager

Person Placeholder

Ushi Karuaihe

Development Manager

Person Placeholder

Francia Van Wyk

Accounts and Human Resources

Who We Are

Our History

Polycare Namibia Factory Opening 2019

„Our factory has been around since 2019, expanding and growing into what it is today.“

Ushi Karuaihe, Business Development Manager


2016 First Polycare home built

2019 Factory established in Namibia

2020 Many revolutionary projects piloted

2021 New team members and partnerships

Ushi Karuaihe

Want to start a new project with us? We’re happy to help. Please don’t hesitate to reach out.


Questions & Answers

Andreas Kunsmann and Chibo Onyeji Talking Exchanging Ideas