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Polycare Namibia

Polycare Namibia offers rapid building technology designed to sustainably offset the negative environmental impact of the construction industry.

Polycare Namibia

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What We Do

Our Dynamic Walling Solutions

Polycare Namibia provides dynamic walling solutions that offer superior durability, speed and value compared to traditional methods. Our mission is to drive empowerment and a circular economy, while changing the face of the construction industry.

Lightweight Bricks Wall
Omuthiya Kindergarten School Building

Success Stories

What We've Already Done

Since we opened our doors in 2019, we have been involved in several projects ranging from schools & kindergartens, sanitation blocks, lodges and residential homes. Check out a selection of our projects.

Who We Are

What We Believe In

Polycare technology is designed to be as sustainable as possible. We build meaningful relationships and partnerships with architects, developers and engineers who are interested in revolutionising the construction industry with us, while building a better future for Namibia.

Factory Namibia Worker Polyblocks
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Questions & Answers

For Developers, Architects and the General Public

Want to know more about us? Take a look at our FAQ section for more details on how our technology works and how it can benefit you as a developer, architect or private customer.

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Any questions? We’re happy to help you with requests or explanations.