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Building has never been so easy

Polycare Building Materials

What We Do

Polyblocks, light and durable

Endless Possibilities

With a total of 5 blocks all straight wall configurations can be easily built in any geometry.​​ A range of other components, like window and door lintels make our system complete allowing the construction of complex buildings by hand.

Polyblock Insulation


More than 80% of the block volume consists of insulation. This insulation core provides protection against coldness and heating.​ The shell of the block accounts for 20% (by volume) and is made of polymer concrete, which takes over the statics. With 1m³ polymer concrete 20m² of wall surface can be built. ​

Special Block

For the installation of the sanitation pipes there is an additional block. This block corresponds to the dimensions of the other Polyblocks. There are openings on the sides, which allow the installation of pipe systems for fresh and waste water. Electric power cables can be lead through every Polyblock (vertically) and special blocks (horizontally).

Polyblock Special Block Electricity Sanitation
Polyblocks Wall Specifications Light


Fire resistance class​

REI30 - REI120​

Building material classification​

B1 or B2​

U-Value (Isolation)​

0,37 W/(m²K)​

Wall weight per m²​

100 – 110 kg​

Material Benefits

Compared to conventional concrete our polymer concrete has several beneficial features including zero water consumption, lower carbon emissions, and superior compressive strength and density.

What We Do

Our fast-built and easy-to-use system


1. Design

With our in-house design team, project planning and professional costs are reduced. We plan your project with you.


2. Produce

The Polyblocks are made with locally sourced material and have low energy requirements.


3. Deliver

We can deliver all Polyblocks required to site in urban and rural areas across Namibia and the SADC Region.


4. Construct

By using smarter building methods and local value chains, our system cuts the time of construction by 40%.

More Infos for Developers

Our Modular Assembly System

1. Base Bar: The basis for the wall sections

2. Polyblocks: Placed according to layout plan

3. Windows, door lintels and window sills

4. Ring Beam: Placed on top of last row of blocks

5. Roofing: All solutions can easily be applied



The Polybuilder software makes it possible to transfer building plans into the structure of the Polyblock building system in a matter of minutes. For this purpose, Polycare has developed an algorithm that determines the optimal set of Polyblocks for your specific project. The program also delivers all relevant information for the downstream processes like the production, logistics, delivery, statics, etc.

Keith Handura

Any questions? We’re happy to help you with requests or explanations. Please don’t hesitate to reach out.


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