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Questions & Answers

Take a look at our FAQ section if you’re looking for additional information. Alternatively, if you don’t find what you’re looking for, schedule a call with us and we’ll reach out as soon as we can.


Q&A for Architects

Is there design software available?

What roofing options are available?

What are the design limitations?

Can I build more than one story with Polyblocks?

Is it possible to use Polyblocks for both structural and non-structural wall elements?

What is depth/width of a Polyblock?

How flexible can I be with the height?

Benefits for Architects

Help from a technical partner

Design workshops are provided

Easy to transport due to lightweight

Various expansion possibilities

Access to Polybuilder for design process

Very short construction time

Possibility to plaster and paint​

Quality control of the brick usage


Q&A for Developers

Is Polycare’s system certified and accepted in Namibia?

How does Polycare save costs?

Is there a building permit?

How is plumbing and electrical installation accommodated?

Which specialists are needed for this?

Benefits for Developers

No mortar and glue​ is needed

Can be build by unskilled workers

Easy to transport due to lightweight

Various expansion possibilities


General Q&A

How much does it cost to build with Polyblocks?

Can I build the house myself?

Can I use regular plastering and paint on the walls? 

Will moisture seep in if I do not plaster the blocks? 

Are there health concerns when building with polymer concrete?

How is the interior construction of the house done?

How does the technology work?

What does the value chain look like? 

Is the system expandable?

How soundproof are the walls?

Are the blocks fireproof? Will they melt in the event of a fire?

Do I need a foundation or a floor slab to be able to build with Polyblocks?

Can I make holes in Polyblocks to hang pictures etc inside my house?

General Benefits

60% less carbon emissions

Zero water used in manufacturing of Polyblocks

Polyblocks can be dismantled and reused

Minimal waste produced on site


What We Do

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